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Psychometric Testing Services & Options

  • Bespoke Services & Reports
  • Off-The-Shelf Testing
  • Online Testing Bureau

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Psychometric Testing Services & Options from talentflow

At talentflow we offer three options:

talentflow Bespoke Services & Reports

  • Consultant analysed online testing with targeted feedback
  • Reports linked to client and job context
  • All data can be used for on-going development

talentflow Pre Interview Executive Summary and Consultant Support
Target: Business Critical Executive appointments, Leadership Appointments

The Pre-Interview Executive Summary provides comprehensive consultant analysis and suggested questions against a number of job / role specific criteria. The report combines a range of report outputs which may include Leadership Style, Team Impact, Key Competencies, Executive Judgement and Critical Thinking.

talentflow consultants work closely with clients (including interview panels and assessment days) to explore the findings; candidates receive feedback reports, usually after the selection process has run its course.

Successful candidates receive one to one development / ‘on-boarding’ feedback after they have started employment.

talentflow Pre Interview Manager Plus Summary
Target: Senior Roles and Manager / Team Leader

This is combined consultant analysed + expert system report designed to give line managers a summary of how the candidate prefers to work, their management judgement level, how they are likely to perform against a number of generic key competencies and how they interact in a team.

Detailed consultant notes are added to highlight specific areas that are recommended for probing at interview.

All candidates receive a written feedback report whilst successful candidates receive detailed development feedback.

talentflow Manager Reports & Sales Focus Reports
Target: Line Manager and Sales Specific Roles

An Expert System Report aimed at Line Manager and Sales Specific Roles where effectiveness and sales motivation are key elements of success.

Additional Consultant notes are focused on key areas to question at interview.

Candidates receive written feedback.

For prices and further information please contact Tim Hurst at  info@talentflow.co.uk or phone 07941 073180 to discuss your requirement.

talentflow Off-The-Shelf & Online Testing

  • Online tests for general appointments
  • User friendly expert system reports
  • Easy process, simple administration:
    – call us to discuss the requirement on 07941 073180 or email us for prices and to order here
    – send the names, email addresses, deadlines
    – we set up, administer and send back reports ASAP
    … it’s that simple

Personality: SHL ‘OPQ32R’
A choice of Line Manager Behavioural Profile, Competency Potential, Team and Leadership Styles Reports, Sales Potential and Team Impact Reports.

Judgement / knowledge / skill ‘Scenarios’
Executive / Managerial / Graduate Judgment.
CANDIDATE FEEDBACK – for all tests: Telephone / Written.

Ability Testing ‘Verify’
Verbal, Numerical, Inductive, Calculation, Checking Tests.

Executive Critical Thinking ‘Watson Glaser’
Recognising Assumptions, Evaluating Arguments, Drawing Conclusions.
Candidate Feedback – Written: included


Psychometric Testing Online Bureau Service from talentflow

  • The bureau provides immediate expert guidance and help should this be required.
  • You have complete control as to whom and when you put someone into the process
  • We manage the projects, generate and validate the reports, liaise with you and candidates, and provide accessible support to recruiting managers.
  • We always support our clients personally to ensure the service is fine-tuned to their requirements.
  • We bring strategic and operational HR experience gained from many sectors which we believe marks us out as being able to reconcile the jargon of psychometrics with the realities of business.

talentflow Assessment Bureau Process

Client + talentflow

  • Identify test parameters: Personality, Aptitude, Ability, Job level, Report Outputs, Timing


  • On Demand Drop-in user project(s) set up and launched
  • Reusable Open Generic project URL sent to recruitment admin for email distribution to candidates


  • Candidates access process via specified project URL
  • Candidate complete test(s) within (x) days
  • Data returns to bureau for report generation and validation

Reports sent to client (approx. 24-48 hours)


Whatever your particular need our service is always personally supportive and our pricing keenly competitive. For prices and further information please contact Tim Hurst at  info@talentflow.co.uk or phone 07941 073180 to discuss your requirement.

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