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talentflow provides Psychometric Testing & Consultancy Services for business critical appointments, coaching, internal assessments and team development projects across all sectors in the UK and internationally

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Psychometric Testing & Consultancy Services from talentflow

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We offer companies and agencies consultant led assessment services for business critical appointments, team and management development programmes, culture change and executive coaching across all business sectors.

Our consultants utilise a range of specialist assessment methods tools and outputs; seeking to ‘de-risk’ hiring processes, measure the impact of behaviours and identify development needs. These include:

  • Psychometric testing and personality profiling
  • Behavioural styles and impact
  • Team development profiles
  • Emotional Intelligence and Social Competence
  • Leadership potential and development
  • Sales potential
  • Management and Executive Judgement
  • Verbal Numerical and Inductive Reasoning
  • Ability tests
  • IT Skills Tests
  • 360 Degree Feedback
  • Assessment and Development Days – Devising, Facilitating

talentflow: flexible, practical, multilingual online psychometric tests, personality tests, ability tests and performance assessments.

  • CEB SHL Talent Measurement (OPQ, Scenarios, Verify)
  • Talent Q (Dimensions, Elements and Aspects)
  • Pearson Talent-Lens (Critical Thinking Appraisal)
  • Myers Briggs (MBTI), Belbin (Team Types)

Our Psychometric Services and Options Page outlines the full range of our psychometric testing and consultancy services.

Whatever your particular need our service is always personally supportive and our pricing keenly competitive, please contact Tim Hurst at: info@talentflow.co.uk or phone 07941 073180 to discuss your requirement.

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