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Psychometric Testing Services & Options

  • Bespoke Reports
  • Online tests
  • Bureau Screening

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Bespoke Reports, Online tests and Bureau Screening for recruitment and development from talentflow

  • Consultant analysed online testing with targeted feedback
  • Reports linked to client and job context
  • All data can be used for on-going development

Bespoke report formats

Consultants work closely with clients to ‘de-risk the hire’

Executive Summary Reports with Consultant Support

Target: Business Critical Executive appointments, Leadership Appointments

  • Consultant reports, targeted questions relating to job, person and cultural fit
  • Outputs can include Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Team Impact, Key Competencies, Managerial Judgement and Critical Thinking
  • Successful candidates receive detailed development feedback

Pre-Interview: Manager Plus Summary Report

Target: Senior Roles and Managers / Team Leaders

  • Consultant analysed report to give line managers a summary of how the candidate prefers to work, their management judgement level, how they are likely to perform against generic key competencies and how they contribute to a team
  • Notes are added to highlight specific areas that are recommended for probing at interview

Manager, Sales impact and Competency, Reports

Target: Line Managers and Sales Specific Roles

Reports with consultant notes aimed at Line Manager and Sales Specific Roles where effectiveness and sales motivation are key elements of success.

Online Testing (with Consultant Back-up)

  • Online personality, ability and aptitude tests for general appointments
  • User friendly reports
  • Easy process, simple administration, support when required

Bureau Testing (with Consultant Back-up)

  • A supported bureau service for ‘as required’ bulk screening controlled by the client but supported by talentflow
  • Reusable Open Generic project URL for client use to enrol candidates
  • Candidate complete tests supervised or unsupervised
  • Data returns to bureau for report generation and validation
  • Second stage verification available for unsupervised tests

Profile and Test Instruments

Personality: SHL ‘OPQ32’, Talent Q Dimensions, Hogan

Leadership assessment, Manager, Sales and Competency Potential reports Behavioural Development tools. Team Types (Myers Briggs) Team behaviours, (Belbin) Composite team profiles, Individual and Group Team Impact Reports, Resilience and stress profiles.

Judgement / knowledge / skill: ‘Scenarios’ situational judgement test

Executive / Managerial / Graduate Judgment

Critical Thinking: Problem analysis – Watson Glaser Appraisal

Recognising Assumptions, Evaluating Arguments, Drawing Conclusions

Ability Testing ‘Verify’, Talent Q Elements and Aspects

Verbal, Numerical, Inductive, Calculation, Checking Tests

Adaptive IT and office Skills Tests (test difficulty adapts to the answers)

Integrity: Giotto – personal integrity assessment, role and culture fit

Adaptive IT and office Skills Tests

A broad range of ability tests for recruitment screening

Whatever your particular need our service is always personally supportive and our pricing keenly competitive.

For prices and further information please contact Tim Hurst at  info@talentflow.co.uk or phone 07941 073180 to discuss your requirement.

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