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talentflow provides psychometric testing services for business critical appointments, coaching, internal assessments and team development projects across all sectors in the UK and internationally.

Psychometric Testing & Assessment Services from talentflow

talentflow offers bespoke consultant support and off-the-shelf services direct to clients, recruitment agents and executive search companies. For more information on our Bespoke, Off-the-Shelf Online and Bureau Psychometric Testing Services, which are described below, please see our Testing Services and Options Page.

Independent personality and skill assessments help to ‘de-risk’ hiring processes and add significant value to coaching, development and restructuring projects. Our consultants are very experienced HR practitioners who seek to support clients in their business need first and foremost.

As Premier Partners with SHL, the global leader in talent measurement, we are able to access a very wide range of tools to help our clients maximise business performance and make better people decisions. These include the SHL OPQ32 personality profile, Scenarios Management Judgement Indicator, Motivation profile and a wide range of SHL ‘Verify’ ability tests.

We can generate a wide range of reports from these instruments depending on specific business needs and context. These reports include Line Manager reports, competency reports, sales potential, team& leadership styles (including Belbin), team group profiles and management development tools. Our added value talentflow reports are specifically targeted with detailed consultant notes that focus on the key job role parameters for both behaviour, impact and skill; we are happy to send you some examples.

For clients

For help or advice on choosing the right psychometric testing, profiling tools and bespoke consultant services in:

  • Personality profiling, assessment and selection
  • Team Profiling and development
  • Ability Testing and Critical Reasoning Tests
  • Executive and Managerial and Graduate Judgement Tests
  • Management Development
  • Executive CoachingOrganisational Change

For more information on our Bespoke and Off-the-Shelf Psychometric Testing Services please see our Testing Services and Options Page.

For candidates

If you are preparing for an OPQ or another form of SHL Assessment follow these links to get help:

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