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Now I know I’m no George Clooney – but …


Hurrah for the corporate assassin – HR is famous at last

Whilst George, when firing people (sorry – ‘letting them go’) in his film, Up in The Air, is apparently ‘smoothly professional and insultingly upbeat in just the right way’, we are usually happy if the meeting just goes according to plan and without tantrums & tears.

So if you have to ‘let people go’ shouldn’t you try to be at least – ‘smoothly professional’? However If you set one of your ‘SMART’ objectives as ‘to be more like George Clooney’ you may do so at your peril* – especially if you are ‘insultingly upbeat’.


  • He’s probably better looking than you (sorry) and can get away with it – because? – It’s a film!
  • It’s set in a US context and we are much nicer here – aren’t we?
  • We have many more legal constraints which we may try to circumvent, but can’t ignore
  • ‘Upbeat’ doesn’t necessarily work ….

Nonetheless, it may be possible to be more like Mr. Clooney if you aspire to his apparently real persona of someone who cares.
So perhaps you and your organisation might like to be seen as caring, supportive, helpful when handling difficult people situations, downsizing or otherwise. It’s not a bad image is it? It may even help your business in the long run.

talentflow consultants work closely with employers and employees to deal with redundancies and dismissals, downsizing, mergers, acquisitions and disposals, whether the need is to support the Board, Coach the Managers or Career Coach the leavers.

The talentflow approach is bespoke and never remote, focused on both the business need and the personal dimension.

For more information on this and other talentflow services, please contact Tim Hurst, on 07941 073180

*SMART – Smooth Manager at Risk Today – Please feel free to respond with alternative definitions.
Up in The Air, starring George Clooney was rated by The Sunday Times as a “must see film”.

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