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Should I buy a new Barbeque – or sack the chef?


Delivering Business Change & Developing Potential


As I look forward to a long hot summer – (one year) – I think it might be an idea to buy a whole new barbeque – Coals, or Gas fired? Kettle style? Or American Smoker? Electric Griddle? Or half an oil drum with a bit of wire mesh? Brick built? Mobile? Rotisserie? Open fire? Pink or blue?…

The trouble is, spoilt for choice as I may be; can I really expect the results to be any different if the chef is still hopeless? Changing the chef (me) isn’t an option, and ‘team family’ doesn’t have much faith in my skills – Barbeque training course anyone?

Talking of teams, how do I get my troublesome team at work more focused? Do I need to change the team leader, her boss (me) or upgrade team skills? Perhaps I should buy in some ‘teambuilding’? – A team barbeque course perhaps? – (helps to cover my problem on the home cooking front as well) or simply accept the status quo and settle for second best? – That probably isn’t ideal.

My team’s skills are a bit like my barbeque skills – ok but certainly not Michelin! There again – is it them, or me?

HBS talentflow specialise in promoting ‘Team Effectiveness’ through bespoke programmes to support clients in reaching strategic and operational objectives. Read our Delivering Business Change & Developing Potential Case Study here.

You can’t always change the players when team effectiveness is undermined by poor skills, circumstance or attitude. You can engage with the problem, take stock, explore structural options, and then, having reached the point of ‘something must be done’, think about team development. However, an effective team doesn’t spring out of an away-day jolly masquerading as ‘teambuilding’, rather it comes from interventions at individual and team level – engaging the players first, embedding and sustaining new behaviours over the longer term.

If you have people and team issues you need to address, HBS talentflow can support you in identifying the strategy, dealing with the problems and developing the team.

In the first instance, please don’t hesitate to call Tim Hurst on 07941 073180 for a preliminary discussion. Rest assured I won’t invite you to a barbecue until I’ve up-skilled…

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