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The Challenges of Talent Loss in a Recovering City Market

The City is all about investment – but we rarely discuss our investment in people.

A different perspective on the cost of getting it right – and wrong…

  • Over 300,000 people commute to and work in the “Square Mile” with the majority working in the financial services sector
  • Every one of them makes up part of the world’s largest financial ‘machine’
  • The City is all about the capital markets, but how much time is spent considering the human capital?
  • Recruitment, retention and development KPIs are equally important as sales and margins
  • “Best execution” is the way forward – time and time again

Thought provoking observations such as those above appear in an article entitled ‘The Human Factor’ written for Best Execution magazine by Susan Cuff, MD of Cuff Associates Limited. The article can be seen in full at: www.bestexecution.net

Take a look around the City and you will see examples of great businesses all around you. But what makes them great? Is it just their profits, or how long they’ve been around? The heartbeat of any business is the people that operate within it.

Susan Cuff

Managing Director , Cuff Associates Limited

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