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Could this be Your Horoscope for 2017?

You are all for teamwork, especially in situations that influence everybody in some way. Yet you are still unsure about the judgment of certain individuals. Don’t hesitate to raise these Issues. Others will be relieved to discuss matters frankly and you will be impressed by their openness.

Whether or not you believe in astrology, 2017 will definitely bring yet more challenges for all of us, and in the world of work and ‘post truth’ thinking, perhaps even more than usual. For all of us, people issues are ever present – it’s just the context that changes. As doubt, worry and probably confusion looks set to dominate the business, domestic and international scene next year, perhaps its time to take stock? Are you, your people, your teams, your organisation ‘match fit?’

We are what we are, we do what we do – but targeted interventions by the talentflow team can help…


• Support the key players
• Find the talent within
• Develop the talent you have
• Bring new talent in

Executive Coaching and Mentoring
Psychometric profiling
Personal Development Programmes
Testing for personality, ability, fit


• Support the leaders
• Team effectiveness
• Developing excellence
• The way forward

Coaching for success
Addressing entrenched behaviours
Standards and reputation
Delivering culture change

And in the Workplace

• Conflict
• Stress
• Communications
• ‘Politics’

Managing and resolving
Managing and coping
Upwards, downwards, sideways
Influence, Impact, Strategy

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We look forward to working with you in 2017.

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