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“Use what talents you possess: the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best”

Henry Van Dyke

HBS Talentflow

What is talentflow®?

The FLOW of people into, through, around and ultimately out of organisations is not always smooth. Risks are taken, opportunities missed, and costs unleashed…
HBS Talentflow

talentflow® can help smooth the flow

by providing you with a comprehensive range of services …
HBS Talentflow

Psychometric Testing & Assessment Services

“de-risking the hire”

  • talentflow® Executive Profiling
  • Management Judgment, Emotional Intelligence, Ability and Skills Testing
  • Recruitment Screening & Assessment Centres
HBS Talentflow


“opportunities for growth”

  • Executive Coaching
  • Management Development
  • Building Effective Teams
HBS Talentflow

Culture and Change

“the building blocks of success”

  • Identifying need, strategy and risk
  • Facilitating Culture Change Process
  • Addressing Entrenched Behaviours
HBS Talentflow

Outsourced HR

“expertise when you need it”

  • Operational Interventions
  • Interim Human Resources
  • Managed Recruitment Processes
HBS Talentflow


“facing a different future”

  • Career Auditing & Personal Branding
  • Executive Outplacement
  • Redundancy Support

talentflow services

Our full range of services focus on:

  • Testing and assessing the skills, personality and potential of candidates, new hires and old hands
  • Developing leadership and excellence in managers and teams
  • Nurturing and transforming senior management and key players
  • Comprehensive support for in career coaching, redundancy and outplacement

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Learning & Development

Services from HBS talentflow

SHL Talent Measurement and a Korn Ferry Partner

HBS talentflow®

right people • right fit • right direction

learning & development services • executive coaching • management coaching • team effectiveness • psychometric assessment • psychometric testing services • outsourced HR • recruitment performance management • executive outplacment

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