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Team Effectiveness from talentflow

We work with a range of clients on a variety of board / senior team effectiveness coaching programmes. Core elements include:

  • Client input: agreeing the business aims, personal objectives and style preferences.
  • Coaching Agreement: a three way coaching relationship agreed between the individual, coach and the organisation, signed off objectives, outcomes, timescales and reviews.
  • Environment: executive teams in a confidential, supportive and challenging coaching environment are offered the opportunity to explore the impact of different styles and predetermine what they need to achieve and how they may achieve it.
  • Measurement and Evaluation: agreed key business and individual objectives; activities are carried out and impact evaluation takes place at the end of the programme.

We started a team development excercise and they provided a very novel solution! With talentflow you should expect the unexpected, but the outcome is a quality result.

Head of Personnel

We had made some good strides over the previous three years, but I felt that there had been some backward movement over the last six months. I believe team working, collaboration and atmosphere is now much improved which was the major benefit I wanted to achieve. The whole thing was a bit of a cultural exploration so I believe we learned:

  • Preferred styles of working compared with critical reasoning ability is not always aligned
  • Challenging assumptions is a difficult thing to become skilled at
  • Working collaboratively is key – and listening / hearing is vital

IT Director – City Insurance Brokers

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